Supporting Larry till the end of time. Just look at the way they look at each other...just look.

To all the people thinking Harry and Louis broke up because they aren’t being seen together: 

Come on their lack of public interaction just further proves that they are in fact still together.  If they weren’t together they would have nothing to hide: therefore they would be seen more in public together because their management wouldn’t be trying to allay suspicions of them being in a relationship. 

Maybe a lot of you who are new to supporting Larry are questioning everything because tbh you came in at a shitty time (not that it’s your fault, obviously) because all you’re seeing is them being separated all the time (which is what is happening because they are together).  I know when I first started supporting Larry it was like new Larry moments every day so my belief was cemented pretty quickly, but just because that’s not happening now does not mean they aren’t together.  With all the media speculation it was bound to get to this point.  So please, know that even though we aren’t seeing them being all coupley in public doesn’t mean that they have broken up.

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